[mapserver-users] Mapscript Rasterquery returns empty result

Tom van der Putte tom at vdputte.nl
Wed Jun 2 06:34:28 EDT 2010

Frank, Alexander,
 Again thanks for your reply; I've been abroad for a month and
haven't  had time to check it out. However, I've ben doing some work
on it today,  and tested the following:
 I made a test tiff, with 2 large areas surrounded by NoData. When 
clicking anywhere in any one of the 2 big areas I get the response:
 {"_handle_":Resource id
 When I click on any nodata area the response is  

	Warning: [MapServer Error]: msQueryByPoint(): No matching record(s)
found. in C:ms4wappsfusionMapServerphpGetRasterPoint.php on line 36
 Fatal error: [MapServer Error]: msRASTERLayerGetShape(): Out of
range shape index requested. Requested 0 but only 0 shapes available.
in C:ms4wappsfusionMapServerphpGetRasterPoint.php on line 42
 This behaviour follows the edges of the areas perfectly. Also I
checked it out with fixed coord pairs, and it doesn't seem te related
to CRS problems. I've also tried IMG instead of TIFF, but no
difference there.
 As mentioned, I'm running mapscript 5.2.1, not 5.6. I'm don't know
if this would make a difference, but perhaps someone could test this
for me? 
 The TIFF I use for testing is available from:   BODY {
font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;
}http://www.vdputte.nl/test_tiff.rar  *** For the MAP part of the
mapfile, I use the following (I removed most non-essential things):
     EXTENT -1000000 -1200000 2902206 1773859
     SIZE 600 600
     NAME "Test_Map"
 *** For the test LAYER:
       NAME "mask"
       STATUS ON
         LAYER TEMPLATE "dummy.html"
         NAME "1"
         EXPRESSION ([pixel] == 1)
             color 255 0 0 
         NAME "2"
         EXPRESSION ([pixel] == 2)
             color 0 255 0 
 *** For the querying script I use this:
 $szLayer = "mask"; 
 $oLayer = $oMap->getLayerByName($szLayer); //get Layer
 // To be sure no CRS problems arise, I use these coords, smack in
the middle of the left area
 $x = 360429;
 $y = 642536;
 //For NoData, use
 $x = 759753;
 $y = 935658;
 // for a point right between the 2 areas
 $oPoint = ms_newPointObj(); //Create Point
 $status = $oLayer->queryByPoint($oPoint, MS_MULTIPLE, 1); //Query
 $status = $oLayer->open();
 $result = $oLayer->getResult(0); //Get Result
 $numResults = $oLayer->getNumResults();
 $shape = $oLayer->getShape($result->shapeindex,$result->tileindex);
// Retrieve shape
 echo(var2json($shape)); //echo to browser
 Can anybody confirm that they get the same behaviour?
 On Thu 29/04/10 16:07 , Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com sent:
 Tom van der Putte wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I have the following code:
 > $oMap->prepareQuery();
 > $oPoint = ms_newPointObj();
 > $oPoint->setXY($x,$y);   //coords received from a AJAX call
 > $oLayer = $oMap->GetLayerByName($szLayer); //Name received from a
AJAX call
 > $status = $oLayer->queryByPoint($oPoint, MS_MULTIPLE, 1);
 > $status = $oLayer->open();
 > $result = $oLayer->getResult(0);
 > $numResults = $oLayer->getNumResults();
 > $shape =
 > echo(var2json($shape));
 > This results in the follwing json code to be returned:
 > |{"_handle_":Resource id #45,"numlines":1,"type":0,"index":-1,
 > "tileindex":-1,"classindex":0,"numvalues":8,"text":"",
 > "bounds":{"_handle_":Resource id #46,"minx":607000,
 > "miny":677000,"maxx":607000,"maxy":677000},
 > "values":[null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null]}|
 > No matter what I try, it keeps returning empty shapes. How can
this be?
 I agree with Alexander that you should be carefully reviewing your
 input coordinate and insuring it is in the same coordinate system
 as the raster file.  The returned values are expected if you are
 attempting to fetch a non-existant result shape.
 If you simplify your test case down as much as you can and you still
 can't figure out why you do not get a result then you could try to
 bundle this up and submit it as a ticket.  Keep in mind that such a
 ticket is much more likely to be acted on if you make it *easy* for
 the developer to reproduce your problem.
 Best regards,

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 light and sound - activate the windows | http://pobox.com/~warmerdam
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