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On Jun 11, 2010, at 6:02 PM, ext yUser wrote:

> Hello, Am new to MapServer. What I am trying to achieve is the following: I have a Google Maps web application which shows bicycle routes. Users can then search from those bicycle routes (javascript). As I am learning more about MapServer I am also wondering if migrating from using Google Maps to MapServer will work for this particular application. 1. Any ideas about finding City of Toronto Routes and Street data? (I found some data but I am wondering if they will have a similar look and feel like the Google Maps - maybe not too cool but should be good enough to see streets and roads rather than just line segements). 2. Other than that I will have to allow users some capability to draw polylines on the map. Does the MapServer scripting allow drawing of polylines? 3. If there are points on a map and if a bounding box rectangle is drawn on the map, can the MapServer script allow finding which points are within the bounding box (with lat/lng cooordinates)? Hoping to get all of this done within 1 week or so..I hope this is a reasonable time estimate for this migration. If you have ideas about this, please let me know? Thanks. 
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You might be more interested in OpenLayers:


OpenLayers is a pretty close replacement for the Google Maps API.
If you'd like, you can continue to use Google Maps as a basemap,
as you find and set up other data. Your best source of data other
than Google Maps might be OpenStreetMap:


Or possibly OpenCycleMap:

One week is probably a relatively short time to set up anything
with MapServer + public geodata if you do not have experience 
in the field, but is probably a somewhat reasonable timeframe
to do something with OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap.

Best of luck.

Christopher Schmidt

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