[mapserver-users] getmap request with SLD failing after upgrade to 5.6.0

Yewondwossen Assefa yassefa at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Mar 2 23:20:25 EST 2010

Hi There,

 One way to debug would be to set your map file in debug, something like 
CONFIG  "MS_ERRORFILE" "f:/msapps/gmap-ms40/htdocs/gmap.log"
 and check the logs. It should show you the map file after the sld has 
been applied. That might give a  hint on what went wrong.

best regards,
DeDuikertjes wrote:
> Hi List,
> Finally I managed to upgrade mapserver 5.1-dev (FWTools) to 5.6.0 (FGS).
> I use it as a WMS. Everything looks fine, but I've one anoying problem:
> When I do a getmap-request with an SLD I get an empty image back, while
> 5.1-dev gives me a proper result.
> Other getmap requests work fine.
> I tested this several times by swapping the old mapserv executable with
> the new one.
> an example of a getmap request which fails on 5.6.0 and succeeds in
> 5.1-dev is:
> E%3C%2Fsld%3AFill%3E%3Csld%3AStroke%3E%3Csld%3ACssParameter%20name%3D%22stroke%22%3E%23FF00FF%3C%2Fsld%3ACssParameter%3E%3Csld%3ACssParameter%20name%3D%22stroke-opacity%22%3E0.4%3C%2Fsld%3ACssParameter%3E%3Csld%3ACssParameter%20name%3D%22stroke-width%22%3E2%3C%2Fsld%3ACssParameter%3E%3C%2Fsld%3AStroke%3E%3C%2Fsld%3APolygonSymbolizer%3E%3Csld%3ALineSymbolizer%3E%3Csld%3AStroke%3E%3Csld%3ACssParameter%20name%3D%22stroke%22%3E%23FF00FF%3C%2Fsld%3ACssParameter%3E%3Csld%3ACssParameter%20name%3D%22stroke-opacity%22%3E0.4%3C%2Fsld%3ACssParameter%3E%3Csld%3ACssParameter%20name%3D%22stroke-width%22%3E2%3C%2Fsld%3ACssParameter%3E%3C%2Fsld%3AStroke%3E%3C%2Fsld%3ALineSymbolizer%3E%3C%2Fsld%3ARule%3E%3C%2Fsld%3AFeatureTypeStyle%3E%3C%2Fsld%3AUserStyle%3E%3C%2Fsld%3ANamedLayer%3E%3C%2Fsld%3AStyledLayerDescriptor%3E&SRS=EPSG%3A900913&BBOX=625312.21905694,6921632.3781404,627462.0104771,6922637.4056294&WIDTH=1800&HEIGHT=841 
> any help greatly appreciated, MArco
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