[mapserver-users] More upgrade problems

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Mar 5 08:46:28 EST 2010

DeDuikertjes wrote:
> It gives me a LOT of errors like:
> [Thu Mar  4 15:14:05 2010].903727 msGetEncodedString(): Unknown 
> identifier. Encoding not supported by libiconv (UTF8).
> Searching and reading up on this I couldn't find a reason why things 
> work in 5.1-dev and work not in 5.4.2.

Maybe the difference is caused by a different version of iconv being 
used by the new build?

Anyway, the error message says "encoding UTF8 not supported". I believe 
the identifier should be "UTF-8" and not "UTF8".

FYI, "iconv -l" can be used at the command-line to list the encodings 
supported by your version of libiconv.

Daniel Morissette

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