[OpenLayers-Dev] state of KML support

Sebastian Schmitz sebastian.schmitz at wheregroup.com
Wed Aug 1 04:00:39 EDT 2007


comments inline.

Cameron Shorter schrieb:
> See comments from Chris Holmes below.
> Of note: Lisasoft has OGC funding to develop a KML client. We have been 
> given the option to use Google Developer Toolkit or Mapbuilder. If we 
> decide to work with Mapbuilder, then we will work in conjunction with 
> other KML work in Openlayers.
> Chris Holmes wrote:
>> I'm not on OL-dev.  Tim could maybe tell people we're funded to work 
>> on KML stuff.
>> I think MapBender is also funded for KML client stuff.  
>> I do think 
>> it'd be kind of silly for three implementations to just all leverage 
>> the OL code to do KML...  And kind of not what the sponsors want.
I would like to make the contrary point: OGC wants to have KML support 
in several FOSS4G projects (Mapbender, Mapbuilder, ...), but they do not 
really care how that will be implemented. They have funded many projects 
with little money. Too little money to get distinct implementations of 
well-featured KML support in every single project, UNLESS the projects 
join together and decide for one library to use, integrate and develop. 
That library might be OpenLayers. We should decide. Which other FOSS4G 
projects work on OWS-5 KML client? Anybody know? Given we decide for 
OpenLayers, the projects themselves should allow for the integration of 
OpenLayers as map tool library and OpenLayers should push forward KML 
support, maybe getting partial funding from the OWS-5 funded projects. 
Seems like an OSGeo / FOSS4G showcase to me.
>> Tim, I may try to call tomorrow to catch up a bit on stuff.
>> Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>> Chris Holmes,
>>> You might want to weigh in on this thread and mention your proposed 
>>> OWS 5 work.
>>> Christopher Schmidt wrote:
>>>> On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 05:27:30PM +0200, Sebastian Schmitz wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Mapbender seeks KML support. One approach is to rely on OpenLayers 
>>>>> to handle this and integrate OpenLayers more deeply into Mapbender. 
>>>>> Given that background:
>>>>> What is the state of the art concerning KML support in OpenLayers?
>>>> Extremely limited proof of concept parsing support of points and lines
>>>> only, designed to be enough that someone else can take it and implement
>>>> it as a patch, but not designed to be enough to work in any 'real'
>>>> situation.
How many days would you reckon it would take someone to integrate 
polygons and basic styling into OpenLayers? Is OpenLayers interested in 
>>>> Regards,



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