[OpenLayers-Dev] A generic button class:

Jeff Dege jdege at korterra.com
Mon Jul 30 16:50:15 EDT 2007

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> Subject: Re: [OpenLayers-Dev] A generic button class:
> Finally, for documentation sake alone, it makes sense to define an
> onClick method on the prototype (onClick: function() {}). Document
> and have your trigger method always call it.

If we do that, then the trigger function no longer seems meaningful.

Instead of my:
    onClick: null,
    type: OpenLayers.Control.TYPE_BUTTON,
    trigger: function() {
        if (this.onClick)

We'd have:

    onClick: function() {},
    type: OpenLayers.Control.TYPE_BUTTON,
    trigger: function() {

In which case, we could just as easily leave out the onClick() function,
altogether, and instead of using the class thus:

        new OpenLayers.Control.Button(
          {'displayClass': 'MyButton', 'onClick': myFunction});

do this:

    panel.addControls(new OpenLayers.Control.GenericButton(
        {'displayClass': 'MyButton', 'trigger': myFunction});

And from that, we could skip the Button control entirely:

    panel.addControls(new OpenLayers.Control({type:
        'displayClass': 'MyButton', 'trigger': myFunction});

At which point, things are simple enough that I'm not at all sure that
we gain anything by defining a separate Button class.


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