[OpenLayers-Users] FW: Where are the 2.5 API docs?????

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Tue Apr 8 13:29:32 EDT 2008

Just getting started on OL myself, and I'm also a little confused on  

On Apr 8, 2008, at 6:37 AM, Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> Okay, so what should we do? What would be more helpful to you?
> My standard assumption is that anyone using OpenLayers seriously is
> going to download the code. With the code ships a full set of
> documentation in the 'doc' directory. If you read those, they are teh
> docs for the version you downloaded.
While the 2.5 download includes the docs, the 2.6rc1 download does not.

> Apparently this isn't the case.
If there is a documentation link on the OL site, people will use it,  
and very possibly then ignore downloaded docs.  I assumed also that  
the docs link on the site was for v2.5, though I didn't run into any  
problems, maybe because I'm doing simple stuff so far.

There is also the bonus online of the search feature.  At least for  
the unversioned link (v2.5 link doesn't have the search).

> Note that before a couple months ago, we didn't *have* versioned docs:
> this is an improvement in our process, which is constantly evolving.
> Although I understand that you are frustrated, there is only so much
> developer time that can be invested into things like this without
> negatively impacting active development of the project: doubly so
> because, at the moment, I'm one of two people with access to change
> things on the server.

As Barend says, the problem I see with any of the docs is that they  
don't mention what version they are for.  Fine if you look at the  
downloaded docs, but not when viewed on the OL site.  I think that's  
fairly explicit about what needs changing: add visible version text to  
the docs, and shouldn't take much time to do.  How about in the upper- 
left title text, which appears on all pages:

JavaScript Mapping Library
version: [full version goes here]

Note: I couldn't find a direct link on the OL site to the v2.5 docs  
you mentioned, or any other "versioned" docs.

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