[OpenLayers-Users] DrawFeature and FeatureAdded event

Sture Dingsøyr candalt at online.no
Tue Nov 25 02:49:42 EST 2008

Hi Mika and Eric...thanx for quick response :-)

Have published an example on http://www.avinet.no/bugopenlayers/openlayers-2.7/examples/modify-feature.html

Have added a control button to draw the regular polygon. 

...if the user just clicks (no mouse movement between up and down) the feature is added to the layer, but the featureadded event is not triggered (should produce a javascript alert)..

So the problem is that the featureadded event does not fire in this case.

Have added events to both the layer and control...and it sems to me that in none of the cases the event is triggered.

Try the example...(just click in the map).


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