[OpenLayers-Users] Mapserver, Postgres, and OpenLayers Vector Layer

Burgholzer,Robert rwburgholzer at deq.virginia.gov
Wed Oct 22 14:45:41 EDT 2008

The device you are looking for is a Web Feature Server or "WFS".  The following link describes setting this up:


and the examples folder in the openlayers distro has a bunch of different WFS examples in it.  Good luck and stay in touch,


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Okay new to this whole thing.

1.  I took an ESRI shape file and used shp2pgsql and got it into Postgres.
2.  Made a mapserver layer of type line.
3.  Successfully called layer from browser and openlayers of type WMS.
4.  However I would really like this to be a vector layer.  Is there anyway
to do this?  I have heard mention of a "feature server"???  Can anybody
direct me to where I can find information?


Linda Rawson

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