[OpenLayers-Users] Options for fighting the 180 degree problem - any server able to do it? Other approaches?

Phil Scadden p.scadden at gns.cri.nz
Mon Jun 7 19:04:36 EDT 2010

Okay. I really have to get around the 180 problem.

Here is the issue:
I have line and polygon data that crosses the 180 line. Now with some 
projections, both geoserver and ESRI ArcGIS Server can map these 
successfully. However, the moment you want to use Google map data you 
are in trouble. I can find no way to persuade either system to deliver 
lines and polygon data crossing the 180 with the google spherical 
mercator. ESRI have more or less indicated that they dont care. 
Geoserver says it would take a rewrite of their render.

So question. Is there any other server out there that CAN do this?
If not, has anyone got an alternative strategy that works? I can split 
line data at the 180 though it makes some queries a pain. However, this 
approach fails for polygons (at least it has for me - suggestions welcome).

Phil Scadden, GNS Science Ltd 764 Cumberland St, Private Bag 1930, 
Dunedin, New Zealand Ph +64 3 4799663, fax +64 3 477 5232

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