[OpenLayers-Users] Re: How it works WMSGetFeatureInfo??

Francesc Cañas kikocanas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 11:42:09 EST 2012

The server response I mean.

2012/2/7 Francesc Cañas <kikocanas at gmail.com>

> Yes indeed, the root response is good, if I open the request in a new
> windows it displays the layer info.I'll try what you say and I'll tell you.
> Thanks a lot!
> 2012/2/7 Max Stephan [via OSGeo.org] <
> ml-node+s1560n4372878h18 at n6.nabble.com>
>  Hi Francesc,
>> for debugging the error you get in Firebug I would recommend to use the
>> non-compressed OpenLayer-JS-files instead of the compressed ones - just
>> import the OpenLayer.js from the lib folder instead of that from the
>> "root"-folder and it will automatically import the single files. Anyway the
>> error doesn´t result from the WMSGetFeatureInfo-request itself but from the
>> popup-creation.
>> But apart from that error. Could you have a look into Firebug to see if
>> you even get a response from the server to your GetFeatureInfo-request? A
>> very common error is that the request is not possible due to the
>> restrictions of Javascript-cross-domain-policy (which means
>> XML-HTTP-requests are only allowed when the client-HTML-page and the server
>> - GeoServer in this case - are in the same domain). If your client and
>> server should be in a different domain you would need to implement a proxy
>> to your server.
>> Best regards
>> Max Stephan
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