[pgrouting-dev] APSP Implementation

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Wed Dec 1 23:01:33 EST 2010

Hi Anton,

I think there will be both cases. DARP/TSP might only need the matrix at
first. But when you got your optimized tour result you had to run again the
shortest path search to retrieve a path, which causes two problems:

   - The network (conditions) might have changed if you run those path
   queries later.
   - It might be slower to later run single shortest path queries again

So an option to return only the distances or together with the path would be
best in my opinion.
Actually the distance would be just the length of the path, so that looks
like "ST_length(path_geom)" to me. No?


2010/12/2 Anton Patrushev <anton.patrushev at georepublic.de>

> Hi list,
> Daniel is right - we mostly need a distance matrix, so I think there
> should be at least an option to return distance matrix only and omit
> extra work on extracting paths. Or should it be different function?
> It would be nice if extracted paths could be in form of phRouting
> 'path' type with additional 'from' and 'to' columns.
> Anton.
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