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Mark Cave-Ayland m.cave-ayland at webbased.co.uk
Wed Jun 9 01:39:26 PDT 2004

Hi strk,

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> Subject: getrelid && list_nth
> Hello Mark,
> I was writing this to pgsql-hackers, but I've solved it
> so I turned it into a report.
> Working on postgis selectivity function for type 'geometry' 
> I've incurred in the following problem:
> The getrelid() macro defined in parser/parsetree.h invokes
> the rt_fetch() macro therein defined, which in turn invokes list_nth. 
> Now list_nth() is not a macro, and postgis
> is not linked to postgresql dynamic library, so
> it fails to load.
> This worked until some months ago (PG was already
> versioned as 75dev).

FYI the List API has recently changed in PostgreSQL 7.5 which is
probably why this has broken - please see the following links:


and the thread here:


> To fix this I've copied list_nth and list_nth_cell into 
> postgis_estimate.c removing superflous ( I hope ) checks on 
> boundaries.

Yuck. I don't think we should be duplicating the PostgreSQL list API
just because the API has changed between versions. Any chance you could
look at the posted patch and correct CVS so that this is not needed?

> Now estimation selectivity is back up and runnign for PG75
> Still... any stable utility interface would be appreciated.

BTW did you find that building large GiST indices crashes PostgreSQL?
Since the GiST API has changed you will probably need to apply my "super
patch" in order to get things working correctly as the problem wasn't
just a Win32 issue (see

Would any developers object if the "super patch" for 7.5 were to be
applied to CVS? If no-one objects I'd like to apply it real soon....




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