[postgis-devel] 8.3devel cast changes causing regression failures

Michael Fuhr mike at fuhr.org
Tue Jun 5 21:48:06 PDT 2007

Many type casts to text have just been downgraded from implicit to
assignment-only in PostgreSQL 8.3devel:


"This commit does nothing about the issue that applying the
concatenation operator || to non-text types will now fail, often
with strange error messages due to misinterpreting the operator as
array concatenation.  Since it often (not always) worked before,
we should either make it succeed or at least give a more user-friendly
error; but details are still under debate."

For now all of the PostGIS loader regression tests are failing
against 8.3devel with errors like

ERROR:  operator does not exist: text || integer

long_xact and kml are also failing:

ERROR:  function quote_literal(oid) does not exist
ERROR:  function textcat("unknown", integer) does not exist

We should probably use explicit casts in these cases.  If nobody
objects or beats me to it I'll put together a patch for the regression
tests sometime this week.

Michael Fuhr

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