[postgis-devel] Rebranding proposal for SVN HEAD

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Thu Jul 3 06:50:01 PDT 2008

Obe, Regina wrote:
> I guess its fine as long as it doesn't break everything.
> I've always been kind of confused by the lwpostgis.sql name since I keep
> on looking for a postgis.sql.

It won't break anything, although it will make applying patches against 
older PostGIS sources a bit harder. I can't say that I can see us 
getting many large patches against older versions though ;)

> As a side note:
> I was hoping we would have a separate sql file for the function comments
> though and was hoping to modify the postgis docs so that I we can have a
> separate xsl file to tease the comments out of the docs into meta data
> inserts.  More on that later.
> With that said - postgis_core.sql, postgis_comments.sql or something
> would make me slightly happier, but then again its not that much better.

I can't say that I'm too excited about that one - I like just being able 
to have an active PostGIS database with a single psql command. OTOH it 
should be possible to generate a single.sql file from multiple sources 
as part of the build process if that helps?



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