[postgis-devel] Documentation layout change possible?

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Tue Nov 3 02:24:46 PST 2009

This is more of a question for Kevin,

Is it possible to change our document template so we can have a description
tag in each function proto tag.  Some of our protos are extensive now so its
hard to stuff all these in a single description field without causing a lot
of confusion.  The addition of geography isn't helping the situation.

The main benefit I see aside from putting description next to the relevant
function proto


Is that our psql help will then have a bit more relevant text for the

Now it has

arg1,arg2,arg3 :  function short descrip

(where the arg1,arg2,arg3 currently comes from the function proto

New model would be

arg1, arg2,arg3: function short descrip. function proto description


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