[postgis-devel] Multi-Lingual Docs

Kevin Neufeld kneufeld at refractions.net
Tue Nov 10 08:45:00 PST 2009

Olivier Courtin wrote:
> Some technical thoughts:
>  - It could be a good think to split the big reference.xml file into
>    smaller ones to be able to parrallelize translation work easily
>    (one file per familly function as Administration functions,
>     geometry constructors...)

Sounds OK by me.  That file is rather large.  You could even break it up 
based on the 12 subsections in chapter 7.

>  - I suggest also to use XML entities as often as we can to factorize 
> some
>    redundant Docbook code (SQL/MM compatibility, or 3D enabled for 
> instance)

Either that or use ENTITY variables as in top of postgis.xml for common 

-- Kevin

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