[postgis-devel] 1.4.1rc1

Paul Ramsey pramsey at opengeo.org
Tue Nov 24 11:10:58 PST 2009

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 1:55 AM, Mark Cave-Ayland
<mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk> wrote:
> I'd still like independent confirmation from someone first that I haven't
> broken anything in shp2pgsql/pgsql2shp with the last set of patches. Plus I
> think we really ought to get #316 rolled in at the same time - I don't see
> that we are super desperate to get out a 1.4.1 in the next day or so.

That kind of logic will never lead to a release... :/ I agree, #316 as
a crasher should go first.


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