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#925: [raster] ST_Transform
 Reporter:  dustymugs       |       Owner:  dustymugs    
     Type:  task            |      Status:  assigned     
 Priority:  medium          |   Milestone:  PostGIS 2.0.0
Component:  postgis raster  |     Version:  trunk        
 Keywords:  history         |  

Comment(by robe):


 Either one should work fine.  I have an old windows xp and a new windows 7
 and have been able to compile fine and run on both.  So whatever is most
 accessbile.  Windows xp is a bit less finicky with security stuff so often
 eaiser to get going without changing permissions, but that's about it.

 FWIW I tried adding my proj to my search path and recompiling GDAL.  I was
 also able to compile GDAL trunk with libtool on (so guess they must have
 fixed that issue).  Neither fixed the issue unfortunately.  I also turned
 on filemon to see if while I was running the transform it was looking for
 a path, but didn't see it looking for anything aside form the files that
 postgres usually loads up.

 Though I didn't recompile postgis after I recompiled gdal, so I'll try
 that next.

 Pierre -- Are you having the same issue and are you running on Windows or
 your Linux box.  Before Bbories goes on a wild goose chase and has to
 suffer the torture of trying to get things working on windows, perhaps we
 should confirm that it's only a windows problem and no other Linux folks
 are having the issue?

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