Alessandro Ceccotti alessandro.ceccotti at netxcalibur.com
Mon Apr 7 03:00:08 PDT 2003

Hi !

I've installed mapserver and postgis

I've a problem: 

when I call the createlang function to create plpgsql lang in my db it
doesn't work and I've in result such a message:

psql: could not connect to server: Connection refused

Is the server running locally and accepting connections on Unix domain
socket "/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432"?

createlang: external error


 I can't figure what's wrong...

 Any ideas?

 Thanks a lot!


Ing.Alessandro Ceccotti, netXcalibur s.r.l.
Via Alamanni, 25
I-50123 Firenze
T: +39.055.285859 - F: +39.055.285760
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