more.... [postgis-users] Update geometry_columns!

Andre Cruvinel Resende andrecruvinel at
Sat Mar 6 07:00:06 PST 2004

Hi dave and all...

I get the latest CVS of mapserver how you sugest, but that
error continues:

2004,956,,CARTAFRETE,0,-53.247827 -28.911916
-48.764170 -24.428259,-51.005999 -26.670088,cidade
,msDrawMap(): Image handling error. Failed to draw layer
named 'cidade'. <br>
prep_DB(): Query error. Error executing POSTGIS  DECLARE
(the actual query) statement: 'DECLARE mycursor BINARY
from ˜â WHERE Àâ && setSRID('BOX3D(-53.247827
-28.9119161133333,-48.76417 -24.4282591133333)'::BOX3D,
find_srid('','˜â','Àâ') )'

I´m using: RedHat 9, Postgres (7.4.3) + Postgis (0.8.1),
Mapserver(nightly CVS (05/03/2004)).

The geometry_columns it´s correct. I try using "as foo..."
on DATA at mapfile, but.. nothing change.

Another suggestion?



 Andre Cruvinel Resende wrote:

> find_srid('','˜â','Àâ') )'
> I think that one of the problems, could be a code page
> problem, because where shows "Àâ" should be "the_geom".
> The database is running on a RedHat 9, Postgres (7.4.3) +
> Postgis (0.8.1).
> And Mapserver(4.0.1) is running on WinXP, (apache-2.0.48)

"Update to the latest CVS version of mapserver.



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