[postgis-users] PostGIS hosting?

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Mar 23 11:30:17 PST 2004

If you get a enough people together, a dedicated box starts to look 
pretty good:


Once you start hosting data (as opposed to just web maps) I bet 
bandwidth could potentially become an issue.

Stephen Frost wrote:

> * Darren Houston (dhouston at beyondcompliance.ca) wrote:
>>Just a thought, but from what you said you wanted in a hoster, it might be
>>more practical if you bought a server and just payed to have your server
>>hosted at any established (local?) ISP. Else, you can try to find a fledgling
>>hosting company that wouldn't mind going that extra mile to get new clients. I
>>asked an acquaintance of mine, who hosts on Windows servers, if he new of
>>anyone, but the answer was, "No, and what is PostGIS and GeoServer?". Anyone
>>else have any "inside" contacts?
> I tend to agree with you here, on pretty much all accounts.  As for
> having an 'inside' contact- I'm the admin for a friend who runs a local
> ISP that does hosting.  I'm not sure if he'd be interested, and there's
> not all *that* much bandwidth available at the moment, so I'm not sure
> it'd work there.  My guess is that he'd want it on a seperate server
> anyway, so it'd have to justify that cost, esp. if the server is only
> going to be used for one person.
> Does anyone else have interest in this type of hosting arrangement?
> What would people think of having 'common' datasets loaded in a public
> area (such as the TIGER dataset)?

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