[postgis-users] Hosting Co-op (was PostGIS hosting?)

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Mar 23 14:43:05 PST 2004

As a system administrator, my take is that while things would work well 
in the beginning, in the end things would get nasty with version 
interdependencies and the requirements of different users. If I upgrade 
the system-wide PHP installation and break it for some of the users... 
well, they will not like me much. Similarly for systemwide installations 
of GEOS, PostgreSQL, mapserver, etc. While some people will simply use 
their area for happy tinkering, others will want to deploy stable 
applications and leave them be. The tinkerers would be happy to always 
have the latest version of everything, but the deployers would want 
things left well enough alone.

Tyler Mitchell wrote:

> Therefore, I suggest we gauge interest in this type of approach.  If there 
> are enough people interested in sharing the costs - they could ultimately 
> be very low per member.  I would like to open up further discussion on 
> this through this list.  If for no other reason than to gauge: 1) how many 
> people would be interested, 2) to further discuss the options.

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