[postgis-users] ERROR: relation "Linienzug" does not exit

Randy.Goss at kimley-horn.com Randy.Goss at kimley-horn.com
Wed Mar 24 05:00:49 PST 2004

If you did create the table as 'Linienzug' then you will need to quote the table when you reference it.  

For instance:    insert into "Linienzug" (oid.....

Verify the actual name of the table in your schema.  Postgres will force names to lower case unless you quote them.


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I'm using PostGIS 0.8.1. I created a table 'Linienzug' with the colums oid
(oid), Name (varchar(25)) and Geom (public.geometry).

I tried to insert data using the following command:

INSERT INTO Linienzug (oid,Name,Geom) VALUES
(1,'Linie_1',geometryfromtext('LINESTRING(5589287.1 4570062.5,5589288.0 4570069.0,5589260.0 4570050.9)'));

but received the error message: ERROR: relation "Linienzug" does not exit.

Owner of Linienzug is postgres and i'm connected to PostGIS as postgres,

What's wrong? Can anybody help??
Thanx, Stefan.

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