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Tyler Mitchell TMitchell at lignum.com
Mon Mar 29 08:41:41 PST 2004

Hi David,
That's quite an interesting predicament.  You probably should look more 
into whether or not this really is an issue.  Others can speak to the 
point, but from my understanding, as long as you are not modifying or 
using the code, you should be able to redistribute it without a problem. 
Can you tell us more specifically what the issue is.

But back to your question, these guys have some commercial offerings at 
reasonable prices and provide support:

Hope that helps.

postgis-users-bounces at postgis.refractions.net wrote on 03/29/2004 07:31:18 

> Hi , 
> I was just wondering , I am playing around with a gis/gps application at
> the moment using postgis as my spatial extension . But my problem is I
> may have to sell my code soon and I am using postgresql as my database
> and the gpl license doesn't agree with the companies wishes . 
> Does anyone now where I can find a commercial gis database , that could
> take postgresql/postgis's place . 
> thanks 
> David Sharp 
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