[postgis-users] Buffer bug ?

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> Daniel wrote:
> > As said in my last post, the problem come from the buffer() function. 
> > (the collect() only take 345 ms)

Are you sure? In your first reply (6.1) it looks as if it's just the CREATE
TABLE statement that takes 345ms, and not the result of "SELECT
collect(lga_geom) FROM temp_lg_annee_bis GROUP BY lga_annee" which is the
part we would be interested in.

> The bug occurs with geos 2.1.4 too ...

Hmmmm OK. The next thing to do would be to create your temp_lg_annee_bis
table and then use pg_dump to make a copy of the table. Then try creating a
brand new database, load PostGIS into it, restore the copy of your table and
try the query again. 

If this fails then it may also be worth trying this with a brand new
compiled/installed copy of PostgreSQL 7.4/PostGIS 0.9.1/GEOS 2.1.4 which
will ensure that it's not a corrupted database causing the problem.

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