[postgis-users] (repost) Help with Solaris install of postgis 1.0.1

Andrew Seales andrew.seales at ed.ac.uk
Fri Jun 17 02:22:19 PDT 2005


>this is a repost of an earlier petition for help.  Has anyone gotten
>PostGIS 1.0.1 (and its dependent libs) to run in a 64 bit Solaris
>environment?  Do you have any advice?
We're running Postgis 1.0RC6 and Postgres 8.01 on Solaris 8 64bit
sparcs. We plan to try it on Solaris 9 soon and see if there's any
difference as I believe there were some GEOS problems on Solaris 9 at
one point. The biggest problem we had was when we were using the Solaris
linker and compiler instead of the GNU linker and compiler. When we
switched over we stopped having problems. We never had any server
crashes though. Our problems were with getting Postgis to talk to the
GEOS library. I'll let you know how we get on with Solaris 9.

Andrew Seales

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