[postgis-users] Time series in postGIS?

Stephen Crawford src176 at psu.edu
Tue May 8 12:59:01 PDT 2007


I have a question on setting up a postGIS database for use with geoserver;
please pardon the double-posting but I wasn't sure where I should send it.

I have created quite a few postGIS/geoserver services already, but I haven't
yet had a "dynamic" one like this.  I have a set of point locations for
which data will be collected daily.  In a "normal" (non-spatial) database I
would just have a table with columns for siteID,date,value where siteID and
date make up the primary key. But to use with geoserver, it seems like I
need to have a row for each location, where the columns are the date, like

What's the best way to do this?  I plan to use a GetFeature WFS request with
geoserver, and would like get all the dates/values back for each location so
my client can "animate" through time.  

Any thoughts or pointers in the right direction are greatly appreciated. 


Stephen Crawford
Center for Environmental Informatics
GeoVISTA Center
The Pennsylvania State University
src176 at psu.edu


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