[postgis-users] [postgis] gist function call problem

Kim Sang-hun nacta46 at hotmail.com
Mon May 21 03:32:11 PDT 2007


i know that split function is used creating for sql query when i install 
postgres on postgis.

what i want to know that how to call postgres function back in postgis 
function such as lwgeon_gist.c.

is it possible?, and if it is possible, how can i call it back?

in addition, when i split it, those are called in below order.

[ File - Function ]
gist.c - gistSplit
gistsplit.c - gistSplitByKey
gistsplit.c - gistUserPicksplit
lwgeom_gist.c - LWGEOM_gist_picksplit
gistutil.c - gistfitpage
gistutil.c - gistfillitupvec

i want to know which arguements are going to, or which argements are come 
from when those are passed form gistsplit.c - gistuserpicksplit fuction to 
lwgeom_gist.c -LWGEOM_gist_picksplit.

thank you

Sang-hun Kim.

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