[postgis-users] Roadmap for next major release of PostGIS

Chris Hermansen chris.hermansen at timberline.ca
Wed May 28 10:19:05 PDT 2008

Sorry, one other thing:

Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
>> It would be nice if Proj and GEOS dependencies also suggested to the
>> builder that the latest version should be used...
> The current test code has full version checking for both GEOS and
> PROJ, so please provide technical reasons as to which minimum versions
> should be supported. From a purely selfish point of view, I'd be
> tempted to make the minimum version of PROJ 4.5.0 since earlier
> versions don't contain the right datum for correct OSGB transformations.

Maybe (probably) I wasn't clear enough here.  I'm running Ubuntu 8.04. 
The current versions in the repositories are:

PostGIS 1.3.3
Proj 4.6.0
Geos 2.2.3
PostgreSQL 8.3.1 (there's an 8.2 there as well)

I'm sad to see that a newer version of GEOS didn't make it to 8.04.  I
boldly assume that this is an easily-understood slip-up on the part of
the upstream folk that could have been averted had PostGIS refused to
build against (or at least complained about) Geos 2.2.x

If I'm wrong in my assumption - heck, maybe there are good reasons to
prefer Geos 2.2.x against the most up to date release - please feel free
to chastise me firmly!


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