[postgis-users] migration/upgrade advice

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Wed Jan 25 14:40:41 PST 2012


 >  I unfortunately have to move my Postgres/PostGIS database to a new
Windows server.  My current (source) db is Postgres 9.0.2 with PostGIS
2.0.0SVN (I believe from Jan 2011.) 

January 2011 is a bit old or do you mean 2012? 

 >  The new (destination) db will likely be Postgres 9.1.2.  It seems like I
can use pg_dump to go from 9.0.2 to 9.1.2, as long as I use the 9.1 version
of pg_dump.  Is that true? 
Correct -- I do it alll tthe time. 

 >   For PostGIS 2.0, I plan to install the same version on both the source
and destination db.  I'll do this before importing from pg_dump.  I can then
update PostGIS on the new db after the migration is complete.  Does that
make sense?  or should I install a newer version of PostGIS immediately?   
Depends how old your version is -- if its really 2011, I'm not sure our
upgrade script can handle that far back cleanly.  You can try. 
I think your safest bet though is to:
1) Install the newest version of binaries on PostgreSQL 9.1
2) Create a new db with the latest PostGIS 2.0 experimental builds
3) Use hard upgrade process.
rd_upgrade  (Note: The windows upgrade link for windows specific
instructions) ( http://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/wiki/UsersWikiWinUpgrade )
If we are talking January 2012 -- then 
1 ) Install new binaries 
2) Restore your backup -- some things might fail to restore, that's okay
3) Rung the postgis_upgrade_20_minor and  
in the share/contrib folder of the experimental zip folder.
Note: Some changes that require a dump restore have happened since we
distributed the last experimental -- but those changes don't effect raster
 and I plan to release a new build soon once I get my make check working
Hope that helps,

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