[QGIS Commit] r9325 - docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide

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Sun Sep 14 01:45:22 EDT 2008

Author: taraathan
Date: 2008-09-14 01:45:22 -0400 (Sun, 14 Sep 2008)
New Revision: 9325

Finished adding an rearranging menu items.

Modified: docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/getting_started.tex
--- docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/getting_started.tex	2008-09-14 04:50:28 UTC (rev 9324)
+++ docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/getting_started.tex	2008-09-14 05:45:22 UTC (rev 9325)
@@ -213,20 +213,20 @@
 \item \mainmenuopt{Edit}  -see Section \ref{sec:edit_existing_layer}
-\item Cut Features  
-\item Copy Features 
-\item Paste Features 
-\item Capture Point
-\item Capture Line
-\item Capture Polygon
-\item Move Feature
-\item Split Features
-\item Delete Selected
-\item Add Vertex
-\item Move Vertex
-\item Delete Vertex
-\item Add Ring
-\item Add Island
+\item \dropmenuopt{Cut Features}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Copy Features}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Paste Features} 
+\item \dropmenuopt{Capture Point}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Capture Line}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Capture Polygon}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Move Feature}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Split Features}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Delete Selected}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Add Vertex}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Move Vertex}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Delete Vertex}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Add Ring} - \textbf{New since v0.9}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Add Island} - \textbf{New since v0.9}
@@ -252,13 +252,18 @@
 \item \mainmenuopt{Layer}
+\item \dropmenuopt{New Vector Layer}          	- see Section \ref{sec:create shape}
 \item \dropmenuopt{Add a Vector Layer}       - see Section \ref{label_workingvector}
 \item \dropmenuopt{Add a Raster Layer}       - see Section \ref{label_raster}
 \item \dropmenuopt{Add a PostGIS Layer}      - see Section \ref{label_postgis}
 \item \dropmenuopt{Add a WMS Layer}          - see Section \ref{sec:ogc-wms}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Open Attribute Table}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Toggle Editting}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Save As Shapefile}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Save Selection As Shapefile}
 \item \dropmenuopt{Remove Layer}
-\item \dropmenuopt{New Vector Layer}          	- see Section \ref{sec:create shape}
-\item \dropmenuopt{In Overview}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Properties}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Add to Overview}
 \item \dropmenuopt{Add All To Overview}
 \item \dropmenuopt{Remove All From Overview}
 \item \dropmenuopt{Hide All Layers}
@@ -268,7 +273,7 @@
 \item \mainmenuopt{Settings}
 \item \dropmenuopt{Project Properties}  - see Section \ref{sec:projects}
-\item \dropmenuopt{Custom Projection}   - see Section \ref{sec:customprojections}
+\item \dropmenuopt{Custom CRS}   - see Section \ref{sec:customprojections}
 \item \dropmenuopt{Options}             - see Section \ref{subsec:gui_options}

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