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Sat Mar 27 11:46:37 EDT 2010

Author: dassau
Date: 2010-03-27 11:46:37 -0400 (Sat, 27 Mar 2010)
New Revision: 13171

small fix

Modified: docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/features_at_a_glance.tex
--- docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/features_at_a_glance.tex	2010-03-27 14:57:38 UTC (rev 13170)
+++ docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/features_at_a_glance.tex	2010-03-27 15:46:37 UTC (rev 13171)
@@ -615,7 +615,7 @@
 attributes, their symbolisations may be grouped. This means that if the
 symbolisation of one data source is changed, the others automatically have
 the new symbolisation as well. To group symbologies, open the right click
-menu in the legend window and choose \dropmenuopt{Show file groups}. The file
+menu in the legend window and choose \dropmenuopt{Add Group}. The file
 groups of the layers appear. It is now possible to drag a file from one file
 group into another one. If this is done, the symbologies are grouped. Note
 that QGIS only permits the drag if the two layers are able to share 

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