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Tara Athan tara_athan at alt2is.com
Wed Oct 22 12:49:24 EDT 2008

Otto- I did not even consider that there might be a problem in creating 
html versions of the manual with the new conventions!
This is something we better test soon. I have only been creating dvi 
files for viewing.

On the older manuals, it seems odd to me that we only supply the pdf 
version - I hadn't noticed that only the current html version was 
available from the documentation wiki page.  So I would say yes, please 
do generate html for the old manuals when you have a chance (although 
this is certainly not our highest priority).

I would put greater importance on making the current manual available as 
html online (as opposed to download). This is important for people who 
have not yet decided if they want to use QGIS, and want more information 
about it. We have already had one complaint on this, and where one 
person has taken the trouble to speak up, there are probably many who 
were annoyed or discouraged and never said anything.


Otto Dassau wrote:
> Hi Tara,
> On Tue, 21 Oct 2008 12:36:33 -0700
> Tara Athan <tara_athan at alt2is.com> wrote:
>> Another administrative question: in the forward, we say that the latest 
>> version of the documentation can be obtained from
>> http://download.osgeo.org/qgis/doc/manual/
>> But this directory only contains pdf, not html.
>> Can we also add the html tarballs to this directory?
> yes, but I would have to build them for older versions again. Would you like to
> have it for older version, too, or from now on...
>> Also, is there some reason we cannot publish the html version of the 
>> manual on the website directly as html?
> no reason, but we will have to test, if the new styles can be converted to
> html. If it works I would also like to have the new manual online as html. I
> also thought we add the html version to QGIS sources, so everybody installing
> QGIS has a local html copy to work with. Currently it is the PDF.
> regards,
>  Otto
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