[Qgis-community-team] Re: biblatex

MORREALE Jean Roc jr.morreale at enoreth.net
Tue Jun 8 16:41:27 EDT 2010

Le 08/06/2010 20:31, Otto Dassau a écrit :
> Hi Jean Roc,
> yes, it would be very helpful i think, if you can go through the
> wiki pages that deal with the manual and update the latex sections. I
> guess you know best how to do that.

I ported most of the latex parts from ManualWriting to 
Working_with_Subversion_and_Latex (with cross-references) and extended 
the installation's section.

As far as I can judge, most of the informations are here (I'll add a 
section about the tables), content will be added according to the 
questions and requests.

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