[Qgis-developer] 0.8.0: some comments/problems

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Thu Feb 15 07:29:08 EST 2007


2007/2/15, Stephan Holl <stephan.holl at intevation.de>:
> Dear Qgissers,
> while working hard with the qgis 0.8.0 win32 binaries from
> download.qgis.org I found some oddities. Perhaps you are aware of them,
> if not I will create a bug-entry in the tracker:
> * Query-Build inside the metadata-tab does not open for PostGIS-layers.
>   It works on GNU/Linux though. Using the Querybuilder by
>   double-clicking the layername inside the open-dialog, everything
>   works fine though.

This is a known issue e.g. http://svn.qgis.org/trac/ticket/507

> * SPIT: once starting the import of a shapefile the 'cancel'-button
>   does not work anymore. It would be nice to cover the import into a
>   transaction block that 'cancel' could be easily rolled back.

Ok I think this needs a feature request filed so we dont forget it.

> * The OGR-driver where GRASS is linked against does not support
>   PostGIS. This should be changed so that GRASS can export to PostGIS
>   directly using v.out.ogr. (Is it save to exchange the gdal|ogr.dll
>   with one with postgresql-support, perhaps from fwtools for win32?!)

Ok good suggestion. We will need to rebuild gdal in the msys anyway
which I am planning to do for the 0.8.1 release so we can be using
gdal 1.4. I will try to build it with postgis support. I dont know if
its safe to use the one from fwtools - all I can suggest is to try
yourself and see if it works...

> The next 'problem' appear on both windows and linux-systems:
> * Snap-Distance for editing PostGIS-layers does somehow not work
>   correctly. Also 2 Error-boxes appear with the hint to the place to
>   change this.

I also had problems with this when trying to move vertices....another
one for the bug tracker.

> Some suggestion:
> * GRASS toolbox: The module-name should be prompted somewhere on the
>   tab, perhaps directly over the first entry-fields of the module-tab?
>   This would make it easier to see which module is open.

And one for the tracker!

> As always, thanks for your hard work on QGIS though.

We will address what we can in 0.8.1 and continue with 0.8.2 etc if needed.



> Best regards
>         Stephan
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