[Qgis-developer] 0.9 Python modules on windows

Jesse Ayers jrayers at u.washington.edu
Sun Jul 29 17:35:51 EDT 2007

Hi all


I just downloaded the Windows binaries, thanks for this.  It runs no
problem, but, when I try to do this in a regular python script:


from qgis.core import *


I get an import error, the specified module cannot be found.


My QGIS installation is at d:\qgis0.9preview1\


I have placed d:\qgis0.9preview1\python into both the PATH and PYTHONPATH
environment variables, but I still get this error.  I know this is a simple
issue, but I am unsure of what path to place where.  Could anyone shed some
light on this?


Thanks in advance!


--Jesse Ayers

--Center for Urban Simulation and Policy Analysis



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