[Qgis-developer] API changes - plugin authors please note

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Sun Aug 31 15:16:05 EDT 2008

Hi All
In making cleanups before 1.0 feature freeze I have made numerous
consistency fixes to the gui api. This will affect all plugins which
will need minor adjustments in order to work again. Please see this
page [1] for a detailed list of changes I have made.  Obviously I
realise these changes will inconvenience many plugin and third party
application writers, but it was important to make them now before we
start the QGIS 1.x  release series. In the 1.x series we will be
guaranteeing backwards API compatibility between 1.x releases -
something we have not offered to this point. This guarantee is a
double edged sword - it will make it much easier to write long lived
QGIS based applications, but it will also drastically reduce the
flexibility we will have to make substantial improvements to the API.

Thank you all for your understanding in this and let me know if you
need any help in porting your application or plugin to the updated

Best regards

[1] http://wiki.qgis.org/qgiswiki/VisualChangeLog1.0.0

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