[Qgis-developer] PostGIS manager v0.5

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 06:44:02 EDT 2009

> Hi Andreas,
> that's a good idea, implemented in v0.5.2. Antialiased map looks much better :)
> Regards
> Martin

Hi Martin, 
here is my "wish list"/notes for the future updates of Postgis Manager:

*) when loading data from shapefiles, the "choose input shapefile" shows
always the home folder (in linux) when it opens. Would be better to make
it open in the last folder used otherwise is very annoying when loading
many shapfiles.

*) multiple load data from shapefiles

*) when a shapefile is loaded into postgis the table list is not
refreshed in the database view

*) when changing the table structure (by adding/deleting/editing
columns) of a postgis layer that is loaded in the map canvas, refreshing
the layer after the changes are applied. This already happens in qgis
when you alter the table structure using the "properties -> attributes"

*) when adding/editing a column I get always an error if I try to define
the length of the field. 

*) when adding/editing a column, when choosing a particular type, an
error is returned if the "can be null" checkbox is not selected. For
these particular types should be better to have the checkbox
automatically selected.

Thanks for your effort

-- Giovanni --

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