[Qgis-user] Re: [Qgis-developer] Some feedback on the hackfest (Vienna 2009)

luca_manganelli at comune.trento.it luca_manganelli at comune.trento.it
Tue Nov 10 07:19:04 EST 2009

qgis-user-bounces at lists.osgeo.org scritti il 10/11/2009 12.07.04

> For public administrations (government institutions), forms are very
> important. Currently one had only flat tables, alphabetically ordered,
> no way to influence the display of the results of the info tool. One had
> several GUI-elements available (input fields, sliders, comboboxes, etc.)
> but no complete control on the look and layout of the form. In order to
> display custom forms, one had to develop a python plugin in the past.

For your knowledge, I developed a python plugin that utilizes QCompleter
associated to an input box.
The plugins loads street names from an AS/400 database via ODBC and these
are pushed into an array for QCompleter.
The whole work is not too complicated.

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