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Mon Feb 16 15:18:12 EST 2009

#1534: Cannot Select Custom Projection (CRS)
        Reporter:  Stephan66                         |         Owner:  nobody       
            Type:  bug                               |        Status:  new          
        Priority:  major: does not work as expected  |     Milestone:  Version 1.0.2
       Component:  Projection Support                |       Version:  1.0.0        
      Resolution:                                    |      Keywords:               
Platform_version:  11.1                              |      Platform:  SuSE         
        Must_fix:  Yes                               |   Status_info:  0            
Comment (by msieczka):

 The culprit is that the (...)resources/qgis.db requires the same update as
 (...)resources/srs.db has received a couple of months ago, for the
 'sterea' to be recogized in custom CRS definitions.

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