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#2348: Overview map in composer
   Reporter:  jctull                 |              Owner:  mhugent      
       Type:  enhancement            |             Status:  new          
   Priority:  minor: annoyance       |          Milestone:  Version 1.6.0
  Component:  Printing               |            Version:  Trunk        
   Keywords:  composer overview map  |   Platform_version:               
   Platform:  All                    |           Must_fix:  No           
Status_info:  0                      |  

Comment(by jctull):

 What might be a more clear solution would be to have an overview map
 option in the composer that uses those layers that you have selected to be
 in the overview map on the canvas. You could then change the scale of this
 overview map in the composer, recenter, etc. Something like a "Place
 overview map" tool or similar.

 Regarding the different layers and symbology, you can choose the layers
 you want to appear for a particular map. Once you select the lock layers
 option, that particular map item will not changed based on the layers you
 have showing or hidden in the canvas. Unfortunately, the problem with map
 items becoming blank when new layers being added to the canvas is still

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