[Tilecache] wms-c hosting

Paul Spencer pagameba at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 16:58:24 EST 2008

And if you want server space, you can use Amazon's EC2 service, which  
for a modest virtual server runs $0.10 per computing hour (~$70/month).



On 4-Feb-08, at 12:35 PM, Paul Ramsey wrote:

> Have you thought about using S3?  You can write the tiles into the S3
> buckets so they have valid WMS-C URL signatures, or you can write
> them so they have TMS URL signatures. Either way, you can then point
> a WMS-C or TMS client (OpenLayers) at them and get high-speed  
> retrieval.
> Or if you already have a place to run TileCache, run TileCache on
> your machine, and use the S3 storage option  to store the tiles
> remotely in S3.
> P.
> On 1-Feb-08, at 11:07 AM, James McManus wrote:
>> Hi - I'm looking for a free, or inexpensive, web host that would  
>> allow
>> me to store tiled maps, and access them using WMS from other sites.
>> I've
>> found plenty of free web host, but they all seem to discourage using
>> their sites to store image files, explicitly for linking to other
>> sites.
>> Am I reading to much into their requirement? Are there sites set up  
>> to
>> server the WMS-C community?
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