[OSGeo Africa] QGIS 1.0.0 Preview 2 Binaries Available

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Tue Nov 11 16:45:47 EST 2008

Dear QGIS Users

Over the weekend I announced that we are putting out a second preview
for QGIS 1.0.0. Various binaries are now available including for
Windows, Mac OS X, Open Suse Linux (versions 10.2 and 11), Ubuntu Linux
(versions 7.10,8.04,8.10) and Fedora (versions 8,9,10). You can download
from here:


Many thanks to the packagers for making them!

In case it isn't clear, please note that our terminology of 'preview'
means 'not quite finished / a taster for what the final product is going
to be like'. When the final QGIS 1.0.0 comes out the preview suffix will
drop away.

As a preview release there are still various bugs that need resolving
and various elements (e.g. translation) that may be incomplete. On
Saturday the 29th in Johannesburg, South Africa, members from the Africa
OSGEO chapter will be holding a QGIS Bug Hunt Party. We would like to
invite people from around the world to virtually participate. The idea
of the 'party' will be to:

 * validate existing bugs on each platform
 * mark bugs that can no longer be replicated as ready for closure
 * create new tickets for bugs that have not been reported yet (please
search first to avoid posting duplicates!)
 * mark bugs that are duplicates
 * provide additional diagnostics so that developers can replicate

We are going to great lengths to polish up QGIS 1.0 for you (inside and
out) and we really appreciate all the feedback we have received thus
far. Its virtually impossible to ship any software completely bug free,
but with your help we can add just a little more shine to the polish!

How to participate:

Grab some friends, your local GIS users group, your auntie, granny, the
grocer in the corner shop etc. and get together on Saturday 29th
November for 3 hours. If you live far away from it all, you can meet
virtually on our IRC channel too if you like.

Then start by going through any bugs that have not been revised
recently, adding additional status information. If you think the bug is
fixed, add a comment:

Works for me now, recommend closure, <Your Name>

If you can replicate the bug, add a comment like:

Can replicate, OS: Ubuntu 8.10, QGIS Preview 2, <Your Name>

Use your initiative to deal with tickets that don't fit into the
categories above, following a similar approach.

If you plan to organise a local group to participate, you can add an
entry here http://wiki.qgis.org/qgiswiki/BugPartyNov2008 (or email me
details and I will add it).

We look forward to seeing you at the QGIS Bug Party!!!



Tim Sutton - QGIS Project Steering Committee Member (Release  Manager)
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