[OSGeo Africa] RE: [OSGeo-Discuss] some post-FOSS4G thoughts

Arnulf Christl (OSGeo) arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Thu Oct 9 14:49:17 EDT 2008

On Tue, October 7, 2008 22:55, Gavin Fleming wrote:
> Frank wrote:
>> As an alternative to a stand-alone event, it can also be helpful to
>> work with an existing GIS conference organizer to provide an "open source
>> track" or something similar.
> We've just been approached by www.eis-africa.org who are keen to run a
> dedicated FOSS4G track at www.africagis2009.org , 26-29 Oct 2009, the
> week after FOSS4G 2009. AfricaGIS is the major GIS conference in Africa
> (e.g. 750 delegates in Pretoria in 2005). So, who's keen to make it
> happen?
> GISSA will try to run FOSS4G tracks / have FOSS4G booths at all future
> national and provincial events in SA as well.
> Gavin

this is excellent! Even although this might be much to ask, please make
sure that this takes place, even if you have to go in the lead again. You
will eventually find someone to help and eventually take over.

It is great to have connected with GISSA and see that they are picking up
the idea, this will help spread word on OSGeo and FOSS4G a lot.

from what I have read in this thread things seem to work out the way we
hoped, that FOSS4G can actually spawn local activity and help chapters
grow. But it all takes time, so don't despair if next year your only
chance to see FOSS4G in action is in Sydney. Instead of despairing or
complaining - why don't you start your own meeting? Whatever it is -
ranging from meeting in a pub to full fledged conferences with 500+
attendees - is better than nothing. Try to not compete with "FOSS4G - The
Gobal Meeting of the Tribes" but complement this event, either regionally,
language-wise or by tastes of beer. The simple magic that gets you going
is to connect with your peers and then DIY. If you think that OSGeo can
help - ask for it.

And please don't stop being critical just because you might get told off
by greater minds with even better arguments. If you think something needs
to be changed then you should say so. There are already many good ideas
under way to make the global FOSS4G even more attractive for developers,
communities and suites alike in coming years and many have started off as
a comment on this list. We might also want to make FOSS4G a lot more
accessible via web with online presentations, videos, podcasts, IRC
transcriptions, and the like. Be prepared for a great show in Sydney. If
we can't manage spatial who can?

Best regards,

Arnulf Benno Christl
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