[OSGeo Africa] Mapping Project Funding/Collaboration

Sarel Coetzer geotech.sarel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 02:08:36 EST 2010

Hi All

I am looking for a possible *funder/collaborator* for a very novel GIS
project in one of the African countries, yes a proposal needs to be written.

The project is Malaria related. Its a relatively big project and I have done
1/4 of the project as a pilot.
I have a costs budget, contacts of in-country partners (MOH officers) whom
are very interested and a strategic working plan.

My pilot was a success and the produced datasets are currently used in a
Malaria Decisions Support System (MDSS) for Africa.

I used and promoted OSGEO products and the project had a great knowledge
transfer onto USAID, Malaria Control and Ministry of Health personnel.

I look forward to some replies.

Please contact me privately.

Sarel Coetzer | GIS Developer

Malaria Research Programme
Medical Research Council
Tel : 031 203 47 94
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