[OSGeo Africa] New electronic system for Deeds Office ( plus other legislation )

Chris chris at airphotoafrica.co.za
Wed Aug 21 09:22:54 PDT 2013

    Hi Peter ,

    YES it will happen

    The Gov managed to get everyone to RICA & FICA -- and get a bar coded ID 
    book -- and now a new smart card ID card.

    NEVER underestimate Governments propensity to accumulate power ( and 
    control ). I see this latest legislation in that light.

    Land claims are based on what ?
    It has taken RDLA nearly twenty years to decide effective criteria for 
    what constitutes a land claim ( and let me tell you the history pre 1913 
    gets REALLY murky )

    Prof Johann Frederick Kirsten at UP has done a lot of interesting work 
    looking at the transfer of land to black ownership via private sales.  


    Agricultiural Economists -- the only bunch of guys with "real" input -- 
    they know about balancing the books.

    You could also have a look at the work that KWANALU ( KZN Agriculture ) 
    have done in compiling a spatial land register for farmers in KZN ( 
    including relevant land claims )  It is only with hard solid facts and 
    stats that a person can grasp the bigger picture. ( BTW Tim and Gavin -- 
    they used MS SQL Server 2008 -- you should be on to them about using open 
    source )

    Peter have you missed the big debate ( letters in PositionIT ) about Land 
    Surveyors becoming irrelevant -- if they do not become multi-skilled [ in 
    the soft sciences -- like law and accounting  // land affairs :--)))   ]

    There are a lot of clever well meaning people doing a lot of work -- 
    unfortunately they are not in power so have little real or lasting 


On 20 Aug 2013 at 22:09, Peter Newmarch wrote:

> Chris,
> Personally I don't see it happening, or if it does happen it will be
> another meaningless count as there are so many issues such as above around
> this issue. A better approach might be to base such figures on land claims
> - at least this is a process based on proof (at least in theory anyway).
> Thats my two cents worth.
> Regards
> Peter

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