[OSGeo Africa] Using south-orientated CRSs for GIS in South Africa

Frank Sokolic sokolic at worldonline.co.za
Mon Aug 26 08:08:08 PDT 2013

Dear List,

As many of you know, the South African coordinate reference system is 
defined as a south-orientated system, with Westings (Y) increasing 
towards the south and Southings (X) increasing towards the West. 
However, in a GIS context I've only ever seen SA CRSs (e.g. Lo19, Lo31, 
etc) represented with x-coordinates increasing eastwards and 
y-coordinates increasing northwards.

So, for example, the coordinates of the entrance to Durban harbour are 
represented in Hartebeesthoek94/Lo31 as
Y = -5641.000
X = +3305647.886
but in practice in a GIS this point is represented as
X = +5641.000
Y = -3305647.886

My question is: are there any GIS practitioners in South Africa who use 
the SA CRSs in the south-orientated sense?

Regards, Frank.

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