[OSGeo Africa] Data required - land ownership and ground water resources

Aslam Parker APARKER at ruraldevelopment.gov.za
Thu Feb 7 00:40:16 PST 2013

Hi All
The Office of the Chief Surveyor General has just done a comprehensive state land audit. This is very sensitive information, so I am not sure if they will release it to you. You can attempt to use the PAI Act to request it, but it might be classified.

>>> Hanlie Pretorius <hanlie.pretorius at gmail.com> 2013/02/07 10:12 AM >>>

Does anyone know where I can get data on which parts of SA is owned by the state, privately or communal?

Also, is anyone aware of a country wide dataset of ground water availability? I've checked the Council for Geosciences web site, but didn't find anything there.

I'm actually more interested in the rural areas for both datasets, but that would cover most of the country since I'm including densely populated rural areas such as the old homelands.

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