[OSGeo Africa] South Africa Aerial Imagery

Grant Slater openstreetmap at firefishy.com
Wed Jan 2 04:05:05 PST 2013

Hi Everyone,

I recently setup: http://aerial.openstreetmap.org.za/ using aerial
imagery available from CD:NGI.

The service is primarily for South African OpenStreetMap contributors,
but I don't mind others using the site for light usage*. I do not plan
to offer public WMS access to this instance.

 - Tiles are TMS, Top Left origin in EPSG:3857
 - Source imagery: 45454 GeoTIFFs, 3004 Gigabytes
 - Currently: Lighttpd, mapserver (fastcgi) and tilecache (fastcgi)

Feedback appreciated.

I am currently missing the following source files, I would really
appreciate online access to them if you have them (or willing to
collect the files from CD:NGI in Cape Town and put them online.)
 - 2728BA, 2728BB, 2728BC, 2728BD
 - 3123AA, 3123AB, 3123AC, 3123AD
 - 3123CA, 3123CB, 3123CC, 3123CD

*: Plug... I am available to contract to setup private instances.

 Grant Slater

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